Clay Deffloculants and Dispersants

Treating clay by means of deflocculation and wet milling is a widely used process in the ceramic industry of floors and linings.

The clay deflocculation process consists in obtaining a slip or clay water suspension with a high solid content but low viscosity, thus eliminating the characteristic plastic behaviour of clay.

For this aim, one can take advantage of the colloidal system water / clay by incorporating a deffloculant additive that modifies the electrical properties of the colloid and, therefore, its rheological behaviour.

In Polykim we design each product specially for each client and we adapt to the client’s characteristics and needs. In this way, we are sure to offer an optimized and cost-effective product.

Our expertise in the field allows us to study the best combination of dispersants and deffloculants by considering the principal variables in the process (such as water quality, clay type, milling type, millers, etc.)

We study the deffloculant systems and obtain deffloculant curves for each particular case by analyzing process and cost parameters in laboratory experiments.